As usual, today was another good session. However, I felt that this was my worst session this week. I have a bruised pinky, which isn’t why but that doesn’t help in a position that involves the use of your hands. Today we worked on slotted balls low across the 6 yard box with an emphasis on the goalkeepers exit to the ball and their body shape. Secondly we worked on shots with our vision being impaired. This was difficult for me as I often found myself leaning, and when I did so my weight would be shifted and I would get beaten the opposite direction in which I was leaning. A tough day for me and my psyche nonetheless. However, so is the position. Take off the boots, the mitts, and the wrist tape and call it a day and move on. Sometimes you just have these days. We play a position where we are expected to be perfect, and perfect is extremely difficult to achieve.