Training went really well today, despite hitting my head on the post (whilst Spanish style recovery, so I whipped it pretty hard). Today was a lot of reaction/set position/proper body weight/athleticism type training which was good for me. Dealing with things from a close(r) range, I struggle with at times. I’m starting to manage my approach a little better, mentally that is. Matt Lampson gave me a pair of gloves today as well, which I didn’t expect. He’s a true professional. After training Matt Lampson, myself, and two others stayed after and did some simple reaction work from close(r) range and some light distribution (long balls). Matt Lampson brought up a good point, services from close range, at higher levels aren’t always placed the best, they’re simply blasted on frame and the goalkeeper isn’t expected to hold the ball. If anything they’re expected just simple save it, and the top level goalkeepers will handle it appropriately; meaning proper flection on their parry – stick it or get it out! Stan Anderson said something to me that resonated with me, he said to me “I’m going to start calling you the ‘Little Engine That Thinks He Could’ – just get it out of there!” I also noticed today, that I have happy feet (which is a bad habit of mine) which cause me to get set late (fractions late – which are huge margins at the higher levels) and makes me appear nervous in goal, which I’m not. So I’m looking forward to working on that tomorrow. Another day, another dollar – figuratively, that is.