Since my last check in I’ve been battling a low back/hip injury. The first week of PEP (Performance Enhancement Program) I got injured and my low back/right glute went into spasm. For four weeks I was doing P.T. 3 times a week. For the next four weeks I’ll be doing PT for 2 times a week. It’s been very tough for me psychologically. The timing of the injury is the worst part given that it’s 2 months, now a month, away from the season. However, I have to be professional about it and let my body heal and slowly progress back into things. It’s frustrating because I was killin’ it, I was feeling fit, strong, fast, etc. and then this injury happened. Last week I got the green light from my chiropractor last week to start working out again. This time I’m changing my approach – I’m doing much more body weight/low weight, stabilization, conditioning to prepare myself as opposed to what I was doing before. Lesson learned, when lifting heavy weights – allow enough time for proper recovery and less is more. It was the sheer volume and frequency that got to me and what made it come back this time I think. Now I’m at the point where it’s just going to be little niggles here and there and I’ll have to maintain my body professionally and progress slowly when and where I can. Wishing I could get GK training more and play soccer more, but again, I need to slowly progress back and be professional about my approach.