4/22/17 – Game vs. UW-Parkside (4-0 FT)

Today was my first pro debut (I got the start) and I was blessed enough to get a shutout. Even though I was called into action less than a handful of times I got the shutout on my debut which is something to be remembered. I can tell I haven’t been having any goalkeeper specific training in a while – my feet were spotty (I’d strike the ball well and then wouldn’t), I felt a little slow in goal at times, and I couldn’t strike a firm goal kick for the life of me. The positive thing is there was nothing that was extremely worrisome for me personally. Just need to get back to training regularly and I’ll get back to fitness and form in time. Goalkeeping is a process. One of my favorite quotes is “Life – is a process” meaning things take time to accumulate. You’re never going to get to where you want to be overnight. It’s a series of small, considerate, intentional actions that will get you going in the right direction then it’s all discipline and sticking to the process.