4/30/17 – Game vs. Marquette University (4-1 FT)

Today we played Marquette where I was called into the Starting XI. I had a decent warm up for the most part. On the goal that we conceded, I’m going to be hard on myself because I wonder if my starting position was higher that I could’ve made a faster and earlier exit to the ball served in. In all fairness a good driven ball was played into the box early and it was good enough to make me quickly second guess to come or not. I also wonder that since I didn’t come if I was more decisive in my decision, meaning making a decision sooner, that if I could have dropped into my line tighter and maybe made a reaction save.

They had the better of us in the first half at moments but in the second half we adjusted well and shifted some things around tactically and made a few personnel changes and that changed things as well. Overall, I didn’t have too much to do but I think I did well for the most part. Would like another go on the goal that they scored.