5/4 Torrent Training

We’ve had training the last 3 days and they’ve gone really well for me personally. I think I’ve been showing well. Unfortunate that I am missing our season opener because I am standing in a wedding (it was pre-discussed with the coaching staff prior to signing) because I think I’d have a good chance at making the first XI. All I can do is be professional about it and show well in training and just hope that I get a chance.

The wedding itself was very nice – it was in a barn, not really my thing, but it was as if “Pinterest had thrown up all over it” said my buddy who got married, and it was. I had a hard time being there rather than at the game however, I try to live my life always by simply living in the moment, it was hard at first but then I thought about it and was really glad to be where I was and it helped me put into perspective some things in life and really value what’s important. For example, I was reminded that I am blessed to play the game I love and make some money in the process and I was also reminded at how beautiful life is. There’s my philosophy fix for you all.