Torrent Update

Well, it’s been a minute since my last blog post. Since June 8th to be exact. This past month has been crazy busy for me with the Torrent, the academy starting up, club season winding down (or gearing up depending on how you look at it). So some updates…all things Torrent related is great personally. Since my last post we’ve gone 2-3-1. Of the 6 games, I’ve played in 5 of them giving up 7 goals. Now, I can sit here and justify why the 7 were given up and analyze each goal against but I’m not going to do that. Bottom line is that’s too many goals to give up. At this level it’s hard to win if your goals against average (GAA) is above 1, which mine is (as shown). ┬áTherefore, despite how I feel about my form it’s not good enough yet. During this last month the Torrent went through a stretch of time when we had numerous injuries and our bench was looking very thin. However, we got through it, barely. Also, its extremely unfortunate that our other goalkeeper, Nick Barry, was injured in the game he was playing in against Ann Arbor. He broke/fracture something in his back (I’m not a doctor, I won’t act like it). They’ve told him he’ll be out for 8 weeks in the beginning of July. We have 2 months left of our season, that puts him out the duration of the season. Selfishly, you can see why it’s good for me. However, it’s not about me and should not be about me. It’s never good when someone is injured and out especially when it’s one of the two GK’s. So for the remainder of the season we’ll be having to bring in GK’s just to train.

Last night we played our last NPSL home game against Grand Rapids and tied 2-2. I’m upset about the result so I won’t go into it. We had a 2-0 lead in the 86th minute, I’ll just leave it at that.

Moving forward we’ll have at least 4 more games in August. The dates are TBD see and the Torrents social media for updates on that.


I am still blessed!